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Passport Delays and Long Lines

A predictable increase in Canadians looking to renew their passports has highlighted the failure of this Liberal government’s ability to provide basic services to Canadians. Days-long-lines, a complete break down of Service Canada’s phone service, and an inability to provide adequate solutions to address the issue has had a direct impact on this critical arm of the government to function for Canadians. The Trudeau Liberals need to resolve these delays, provide a clear timeline for a solution, and swiftly get all services provided by Service Canada, including passports, moving again. Following is a guide to assist with your passport applications process.

APPLY: obtain an application from

SUBMIT APPLICATION: if traveling within five business days, go to the nearest passport office and request urgent pickup service. No appointment is needed. Proof of travel is required. If traveling within 45 business days, please visit any passport office, including service Canada offices located in Cranbrook and Nelson. You must bring proof of travel.

PROCESSING TIME: when applying in-person at a passport office, please allow up to two weeks for processing plus mail time. When applying by mail or at a service Canada centre please allow up to nine to ten weeks for processing plus mail time.


  1. you’ve applied and haven’t heard from passport Canada within 20 business days before travel.
  2. you are traveling within seven business days.
  3. for urgent travel, such as end of life, hospitalization or funeral.