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MP Morrison Discusses Bill C-5 and Local Communities

The city of Cranbrook is family friendly, but that reputation is under threat because of Bill C-75 which pertains to existing offender release legislation. Bill C-5, now being studied at the Justice Committee, would replace Mandatory Minimum Penalties and “Catch & Release” solutions, such as Conditional Sentencing Orders.

This will make the existing situation in Cranbrook, worse. 

The Attorney General of British Columbia has acknowledged the crime problem in Cranbrook and pointed a finger right the NDP-Liberal Government legislation. 

Residents have had enough.

Individuals are being threatened with machetes, businesses are being broken into and students – trying to save for university – are being intimidated at work in the most heinous of ways. How many other small communities across Canada are in the same situation?

As we work to address the opioid crisis, Canadians should not be left to accept criminal behaviour, vandalism or violence in our communities.

I am calling on Attorney General Eby to use the powers of his office to immediately address the issue and am further calling on the Trudeau government to revoke Bill C-5. We must pursue legislation that serves to make our communities safer. This will only be realized when this government stops aiding offenders and begins to prioritize victims.