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Celebrating Local Hero: Clarence “CB” Lang

It was an honour to acknowledge Johnny Huscroft, his team and their important work to secure the legacy of Clarence “CB” Lang.

Local farm kid, Clarence Lang, took his first job at the Huscroft Sawmill in Creston. It was a chance flight with RCAF WWII flight instructor Ken Huscroft, who owned the mill, where Lang discovered his passion for flight, joining the Royal Canadian Air Force the following year.

Clarence was chosen to fly in the difficult slot position with the famed Golden Hawks. In 1966, he was named squadron leader of the Golden Centennaires, formed to celebrate Canada’s 100th birthday. They flew over 100 shows, were the only air force acrobatic unit to land and take off in formation and were considered the best in the world. In fact, the Commander of the American Thunderbirds said it was the finest exhibition of precision flying ever seen.

Colonel Clarence Lang retired to Creston. Huscroft‘s son Johnny purchased a Golden Centennair Tutor and is now working to pedestal the iconic plane near Creston – hoping one day to see the Snow Birds fthe beautiful Creston Valley.