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Liberals Defeat Bill to Crack Down on Criminals

Law enforcement agencies have acknowledged that 82% of black market firearms are being illegally smuggled into Canada. I can assure the Prime Minister, based on first hand experience as Chief Superintendent of the RCMP in BC, that illegal weapons, upon entering our country, are not being registered and the criminals who own them won’t be complying with the Prime Minister’s gun ban. Targeting law-abiding Canadians, such as the farmers and hunters in my riding of Kootenay-Columbia, will not address the problem. This Government should walk away from its billion dollar buy-back program and instead protect Canadians by sending gun-smuggling criminals and gang members to prison. Lets remove automatic bail for those accused of gang crime, create tougher sentences for violent crimes, and make it easier for prosecutors to convict organized crime. A gun ban on Canadians who already obey the law does nothing to keep our country safe. This Government’s approach falls short of addressing the real problem – criminals who smuggle and use guns to commit violence.