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Year-end Review: Heroes from Haiti

Many, particularly in Nelson, have read the heart-warming story of Sébastien De Marre and Marie-Paule Brisson who were raising two foster children in Haiti. When the health crisis began, Sébastien was with the girls in Haiti and Marie-Paule had returned to Nelson, where travel restrictions kept her from returning to Haiti. Sébastien could have repatriated to Canada but would not leave Haiti without the girls as that decision would have left them homeless. Amongst the tragedy that COVID-19 has created, we can find heroes and that is the case here. I applaud Sébastien and Marie-Paule for their diligence in fighting for these girls. It was a very special day in the Constituency and Hill offices when these two girls, along with Sébastien, landed safely in Canada. I wish to recognize the persistence of these outstanding Kootenay-Columbians as that, in concert with my office refusing to take no for an answer, broke the red tape and moved the federal government to allow the girls to come to Canada.

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