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Year-end Review: Fuel

In November of last year, my office began work to look into the prices of fuel in the riding. We needed more than a superficial look into the issue and so I began a long process of investigation to find the root cause. In making that decision I knew that it would take more time, would be more complicated, and may even yield an answer we wouldn’t like. Throughout the investigation, I met with Government Affairs representatives from Husky, Shell Canada, Chevron, Suncor (Petro Canada), and Parkland Fuel Company. These companies, in my view, are well positioned to move the market towards fair-priced fuel. During each meeting, I requested that the Government Affairs liaison encourage their respective companies to revisit their pricing in our area with a mind towards being more competitive. Further, several actions are in process on this file and include:

  1. The filing of a formal petition calling on the government to address fuel prices in Kootenay-Columbia. A copy will be provided to Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, Premier Horgan and the three MLA’s within Kootenay-Columbia.
  2. The presentation of a letter to Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, requesting a review of fuel prices in Kootenay-Columbia through the lens of the Competition Act.
  3. Presentation of findings to Provincial representatives delivered with a message encouraging the pursuit of the issue at a Provincial level.
  4. Publicly calling on all fuel companies to do the right thing for their customers in Kootenay-Columbia.

During my call with the Government Affairs liaison for one of the fuel companies I was informed of a class-action lawsuit involving fuel prices in British Columbia. I encourage Constituents to familiarize themselves with this filing and have included below a link to a website where additional details, and the class action document, can be found: