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Year-end Review: Called for Support for CBSA and RCMP

Based on your feedback, I know preserving democracy and feeling safe in your community continues to be a priority. A briefing note presented to the Prime Minister by his National Security advisor, just days before the OIC gun ban announcement, confirmed that illegally obtained weapons, and the gangs and organized crime who procure them, are indeed the problem. Criminals, not law-abiding Canadians, are largely responsible for the illegal weapons found in Canada.

The majority of national gun violence is perpetrated by those who have no regard for the rule of law and who do not acquire weapons legally. Taking guns away from lawful sportsmen and farmers in Kootenay-Columbia does not solve the problem and yet there is an urgent problem that remains to be solved. As such, I continue to call on the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Freeland and Public Safety Minister Blair, to dedicate more resources to support the CBSA and the RCMP in their effort to combat organized crime and the flow of illegal weapons across our shared border with the United States. I will continue to advocate for meaningful solutions that will serve to keep Kootenay-Columbians safe.