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Year-end Review: 3-Digit Help Line

For those of you who are discouraged and whose light has been dimmed by this crisis, I encourage you to talk to someone. As we continue to battle COVID-19, increased isolation, physical distancing, health, and financial concerns have led to heightened anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and a suicide crisis. Canada’s Suicide Prevention Hotline has experienced a call increase of 200% during this health crisis. Recently, my colleague Todd Doherty, M.P., tabled a motion in Parliament to consolidate existing suicide prevention services into one national, three-digit phone number that is accessible to all Canadians: 9-8-8. A true Team Canada approach means working together, across party lines for the benefit of all Canadians. As leaders, Canadians are counting on us and we need to be there for them. I am happy to report that this Conservative motion passed in the House of Commons.