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MP Morrison Pays Tribute to Constable Shaelyn Yang

As a former member with a son serving the RCMP, my thoughts and prayers are with the family of Constable Shaelyn Yang and RCMP members across Canada. Every day, we ask our sons and daughters, our husbands and wives, to serve, to keep us safe, and we pray that they come home. 

A cold and devastating quiet spread across our Nation yesterday with the news that one of our own had been killed in the line of duty. Cst. Shaelyn Yang, an RCMP mental health and homeless outreach officer, was killed during an altercation while protecting a city employee at a homeless camp in Burnaby, BC.

This is a senseless loss.

Shaelyn Yang was a loving wife, a sister, and a daughter. Shaelyn’s colleagues describe her as kind and compassionate; embracing her role with devotion, helping those who struggle with mental health and addiction. Our Nation has suffered an immeasurable loss. May her memory be the inspiration for each of us to act on issues important to Cst. Shaelyn Yang. 

She will never be forgotten.