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Conservative Motion to Ban Huawei Passes

Canada’s Conservatives will always stand up for the privacy of Canadians. We understand that with many Canadians now working from home, and relying on digital platforms to connect with friends and family, the issue of privacy has become even more prevalent. This past week, Michael Chong, Conservative Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, put forward a motion to ban Huawei from Canada’s 5G network. This motion passed and the government must now follow through.

That, given that (i) the People’s Republic of China, under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, is threatening Canada’s national interest and our values, including Canadians of Chinese origin within Canada’s borders, (ii) it is essential that Canada have a strong and principled foreign policy backed by action in concert with its allies, the House call upon the government to: (a) make a decision on Huawei’s involvement in Canada’s 5G network within 30 days of the adoption of this motion; and (b) develop a robust plan, as Australia has done, to combat China’s growing foreign operations here in Canada and its increasing intimidation of Canadians living in Canada, and table it within 30 days of the adoption of this motion.

The Prime Minister must now act to ban Huawei and protect Canadians from influence and intimidation by the Chinese Communist Party. Huawei’s involvement in Canada’s telecommunications network threatens Canada’s national security – under Chinese law, Huawei must support, assist and cooperate with China’s intelligence activities.

The Liberal government has been indecisive on this issue and Conservatives, with support from opposition parties, have helped the government make this decision. On May 1, 2019, then Public Safety Minister Goodale said the government would make a decision on Huawei before the 2019 federal election. On July 30, 2019, Minister Goodale flip-flopped and said the decision would not be made until after the election. It has been over a year since the federal election and years since the Liberal government started deliberating on this issue – and still no decision.

Canada is the only Five Eyes ally to not bar or restrict Huawei from its 5G network – the Liberal government says it believes in acting multilaterally with Canada’s allies, but often doesn’t. Huawei is a case in point. The democratic world is watching Canada to see if Justin Trudeau will finally get serious with China on security, human rights and trade, or if he still naively admires China’s basic dictatorship.

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