Parliament an Essential Service

Jagmeet Singh and his colleagues should be ashamed of the deal they have done with the Prime Minister to shut down Parliament. It is clear that this Government has no regard for our democratic ...

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Life-saving Cystic Fibrosis drug

I, along with 58 other Conservative Members of Parliament, sent an open letter to Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu urging Health Canada to approve the life-saving Cystic Fibrosis drug, ...

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An app to help Canadians quickly access the latest government updates and resources in the fight against COVID-19. Your central resource for self-assessment and personalized, trusted, ...

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Year-end Review: Opioids

The use of fentanyl in street drugs is on the rise while public health measures designed to prevent overdoses are on the decline. Public health simulation models suggest that this government oversight will contribute to the greatest increase in deaths since the highest peak of the opioid ... Full Article

Year-end Review: Fuel

In November of last year, my office began work to look into the prices of fuel in the riding. We needed more than a superficial look into the issue and so I began a long process of investigation to find the root cause. In making that decision I knew that it would take more time, […] Full Article

Year-end Review: Environment

I do believe, under the leadership of Erin O’Toole, that the Conservative Party will take meaningful steps towards addressing our policy on the environment. My office is positioned to provide a voice to those discussions. Our riding holds diverse opinions on this topic and many from ... Full Article

Year-end Review: Secured Changes to the Wage Subsidy Program

In March, the economic floor fell out from underneath Canadians, including all those who have invested their life savings in small businesses. In our riding, one of the hardest-hit sectors was tourism. Many small businesses looking to depend on the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy & Canada ... Full Article

Year-end Review: 3-Digit Help Line

For those of you who are discouraged and whose light has been dimmed by this crisis, I encourage you to talk to someone. As we continue to battle COVID-19, increased isolation, physical distancing, health, and financial concerns have led to heightened anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and a ... Full Article

Year-end Review: Heroes from Haiti

Many, particularly in Nelson, have read the heart-warming story of Sébastien De Marre and Marie-Paule Brisson who were raising two foster children in Haiti. When the health crisis began, Sébastien was with the girls in Haiti and Marie-Paule had returned to Nelson, where travel restrictions ... Full Article

Year-end Review: Repatriating Kootenay-Columbians

At the outset of the health crisis, we were presented with the challenge of repatriating hundreds of Kootenay-Columbians who were trapped abroad and looking for a safe way home. Travelling constituents were facing more challenges than solutions at that time, however, my office was able to ... Full Article